Tuesday, 14 October 2008

You find yourself at a fork in the path...

The left fork drops away into darkness and shadow, the right into desolation and emptiness.

Last night I met with Miss Orchid McMillan, the alleged love of the lycan Kanarik. I am not happy at his desire to force eternity upon his beloved. This is the madness of legends. While I have room in my cold heart still for the concept of true love, this young lady has known her lover for but a short time, why should anyone force another, especially one that you claim to hold dear, into such a rash decision. To her own good strength though I will trust, she seems quite a balanced individual. I have told them that I will make my decision by the end of this week and asked that Orchid consider alone, away from his pressure, the fate that awaits her. I will however seek assistance. I truly fear the turn of events that my actions could unleash, I cannot give this power over to another without some flaw being introduced. The legend is interesting of course, despite the granting of eternal youth, no single owner seems to have survived. The curse it is said brings no harm to the wearer, however the blessing seems doomed to failure too.

I must seek out an alchemical mind, someone versed in this veiled science will undoubtedly have more insight than one such as I.

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Darien Mason said...

Miss Janus,

Though I no longer have business in Babbage, as a Society member I will offer you my alchemical expertise, even if only by correspondence.


~Dr. Mason