Friday, 17 October 2008

Too many questions

I had a long discussion with Miss Orchid McMillan this evening and I must conclude that she is to all my senses, a fine, brave and intelligent young lady. However, her companion and lover, Mr. Kanarik, despite his alleged age is impatient, quick to anger and I truly fear that he could be turned against us.

It has strengthened my resolve in this matter. If there is a chance that the amulet may be used against Moriarty then I must allow that chance to be realised. In so doing I place the weapon within his reach and all the ills that this carries with it, lie now at my feet.

A young urchin rapped on my door early this morning to deliver a note from Dr. Dayafter, I had requested his assistance, his skills in alchemical sciences and related lore. He has agreed to help in any way he can and I sent the lad back with a note suggesting a time to meet. It is my intention to undermine the powers of the amulet, to taint the blessing so that it has a weakness then, if the charm were to fall into the wrong hands, this achilles heel would perhaps afford the rest of us one final hope.

Miss McMillan came to me in Aegir's hall as I was working on the broken lift mechanism. We retired to my study where we could speak in peace.

Orchid was visibly pale and drawn out, I do not think that she has slept at all well recently. Not that surprising, it is hardly a regular occurence for your boyfriend to ask you to endure immortality in ase he needs a shield against the rages of a monster. The whole idea is absurd, unfortunately it may be the only option we have. We spoke at lenght of the charm, the curse and our shared fears for what we might unleash. We know so little of the amulet, of its powers. I do now know that I am held in its thrall, the powers work upon me despite its containment. I did not tell young Orchid but tonight, while working, I cut my hand, not badly but enough for it to bleed profusely, yet before I could treat it, it was gone, healed without a scar or trace. It is not the wearing but the owning and as such it seems likely that I must yield the amulet willingly for the charm to pass on. Juliana's fate reminds us of the fearful price that any holder may pay. If poor orchid were cast into some fearful inferno by the powers of Moriarty she would truly suffer an eternity in hell, and what is the exten of the power of the charm? We know that it can mend bones and force water from the lungs, but what if the bearer were dismembered, Juliana's fate shows us that the bearer can suffer, the body must remain viable for the charm to restore it. The images that fill my mind are ever so dark and clouded. There is nothing but ill in this so called charm.

The darkness has also taken on a further new shape. It seems that Sanus and Orchid were approached by the Van Greed society last night. Apparently now going under the name of the Van Creed society, a Mr. Jesper Renfold, approached them offering insights into pwoers that might overcome Moriarty. I do not doubt their hatred of Moriarty but their motives are not clear and past experience suggests not in anyone's interest but that of the Van Greeds themselves.

There is no sign yet of the twins, their return might offer an alternate path, if Moriarty and Eliot brought them here then they may wish to end this affair, but what if they seek the same as Moriarty? To open the doorway so that they can return home?

So many questions yet to answer.

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