Monday, 20 October 2008


I have made in recent days a number of alarming discoveries. With the realisation of my apparent immortality there came the implication that the recent assault by Jason Moriarty might well have been fatal had it not been for the necklace. The mysterious sapping of Moriarty's power, we had attributed to the strange fire unleashed by one of the children (how do they come by such things?), but it may have bee the charm working to sustain me. This makes two things clear, firstly Sanus' plan is viable and perhaps a person armed with such a charm might be more than simply a shield, opening a way to weaken Moriarty, allowing the attacker to strike. Secondly, that Moriarty has to be stopped, it was only luck that I was the first to draw a threatening weapon upon Moriarty, if it had been another then it would not be just poor Juliana's funeral that we would be preparing for.

Two nights ago I spoke with Dr. Dayafter and he has agreed to work with me to adapt the charm and curse so that we can minimise the risk. Into our group we have brought both Miss Dagger, who I have found to be unfailingly supportive and Mr Dayafter's friend and cook, a man who I have no knowledge of but am assured by both the others to be of sound character. I will write more of our plans at a later date as it is something that needs to be recorded in some sense; however, despite the privacy of this diary, the need for secrecy and the utter catastrophy that might unfold should the secret be lost prevents me from .writing of it this night.

To allow us to conduct our work I have retrieved the item from Bow Street at the agreement of the Mayor, the fair period of statute having now passed it is but a matter of process before the legal ownership is my own. It is now stored in a secret workshop of my own and locked away from prying eyes. Only myself, Miss Dagger and the good doctor have access and at the present time the other two do not know the actual location only of its existence.

I have been proceeding but slowly with the preparations for Juliana's burial. The power of the herbal sedative appears to be lessening, the dreams are gradual becoming more vivid once again. Though they remain manageable my sleep is less sound than it was, this along with pressure of events has left me drained. In an attempt to face down the demon exhaustion, I spent a short but enjoyable evening at a ball with Doctor Mason last night, however upon returning, I collapsed into a fitful sleep, undrugged and unprotected my night terrors. I woke this morning with a terrible malady of the head, a persistent throbbing above the eyes that penetrated deep in to my brain. I tried to work some more but retired to bed before midday, with a strong brew of Mr. Whitfields sleeping tonic helping to ensure that this time my sleep was less disturbed.

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