Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Alea iacta est

I have made my decision in truth there was never much doubt about it, I was simply deferring the inevitable. If Orchid is agreable to it, she will have the amulet once it has been modified.

Yesterday I had a long discussion with Sanus, I had thrown down a demand that the Van Creed were not to be trusted but had not had time to qualify that and yesterday he came to seek the answer. I showed him the details of the letters that Eliot had left behind and explained the part that they had played. I think we are in agreement that they want Moriarty dead, after all he has killed at least one of their own but they only work for their own benefit and I don't feel that a simple sentimental need for revenge could be their true motive. There is even the nagging feeling that they are pulling our strings even as I damn them, that somehow I am playing the very part that they expect of me. I will mistrust every item of information that they present and they know that. I wish I could see through their little plan.

Sanus is still to my mind unstable, he is a mad dog pulling at the leash to get at the quarry. He is without any doubt a powerful force of attack but strength alone will not suffice, a good warrior needs to know when to attack and when to hold back. He denies ever suggesting that Orchid be his shield, that her immortality be used to help him. In fact he was quite put out at this suggestion. I am sure it wasn't my imagination, Orchid had a similar recollection I believe, but perhaps I read too much into simple words uttered in haste. However it is in this very action that I feel the answer lies. With Orchid by his side Sanus will not throw himself needlessly into the battle. Even with the knowledge of her power he will hold back, and for her part she will guide and protect him. If the power of the amulet did indeed have anything to do with the weaknes proclaimed by Moriarty as he attacked me then it may assist us once again. Working together the two of them will get close enough to unleash the attack at its most potent.

But first of course, Dr Dayafter needs to do his part.

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