Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Assaulted by Moriarty.

A brief note this evening, it has been a draining day. I was down on the jetty with a large group of the town's children when Jason Moriarty appeared. I immediately drew my sword from my cane summoning the gavanic energy to give the fiend a burst, but before I could strike he enveloped me with lightning. The energy held me tearing at my clothes and hair, I tried to scream but found I could not make a sound or move of my own volition. After a time the energy subsided and I collapsed to the floor, or so I am told, for I was competely unaware of anything by this juncture. I came to a short time later to find that the fiend was being assualted from all sides by the feisty young urchins. What a splendid group they are. Soemthing had weakened Moriarty, though it is not clear to me what that was. A creature name Deimos, with whom I am not acquainted suggested that his hellfire might have been the cause of the decline, but it amy equally have been the assualts of Mr Welles' weaponry or indeed the effects of my own galvanic sword. No damage was done to Moriarty but his power was interupted enough for the simple mortal weapons of fists and feet to find their mark. It took some time before I was able to move once again, at first crawling and then finally standing shakily.

It was then that the peculiar turned to the weird. I discussed the possibility of contacting the cuckoos, Myrtil and I wondered whether it might be possible to enlist their help and then, moments later, the twins' mechanical comrade appeared. I know not how he knew to come to us. As ever very little was said, but the mechancial being was heard to utter "Destroy Moriarty" and "My masters will return, you must wait".

I only hope that we have the luxury of time to wait for their return, but it has occurred to me since that their connection to the device may even be something that Moriarty seeks to use to his own ends. I am trying to think what the professor might have done, were she here, but I lack her learning.

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