Saturday, 14 June 2008

photogram time

Mr Dagger paid me a visit this evening, while I was at work on my latest piece of equipment. He is shooting (I believe that is the term he uses though I find it rather course and somewhat discomforting as a choice of words for what is a studied and artistic endeavour), for a pictorial calendar, many residents will have their likenesses reporduced and I understand that it is to be sold for a charitable cause known as the SLRFL.

He observed me as I stood by my suit, the bottom half being worn, the top half suspended from its hoist and I suspect that the image will look something like that below.

Idly standing alongside my suit, the Janus "Karma", based on the work by pioneering brothers Carmagnolle in France. I believe that they have yet to use their suit as it is too heavy. Mine while heavy (more than 250kg) is steam powered with both a small on board supply of both air and steam with pumped air and grid steam supplied under normal conditions via an umbilical. and thus all the hardwork is done for me. I do however depend on the hoist to get in and out of the confounded device.

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