Thursday, 26 June 2008

one finger, one thumb keep moving...

It has been a long two days since I buried the burnt remains of that accursed monsters thumb, longer than is usual as I have slept but a little and then such shallow dreamles sleep that seemingly drains one further, waking with a start, heart pounding.

I have busied myself, my steam barman (Fimfeng) is now partially functioning, and I appear to have resolved a few of my earlier errors in his design and construction.

Through this time I have avoided returning to the ocean, it has unnerved me so, however this evening I resolved to return to the place at which I laid the remains and dispell my fears. Oh how wrong I was. I am not a supersticious type, as those who know me will attest no gods hold sway over me save for the laws of nature herself. I was not therefore prepared to find that the casket in which I had lain the finger was no longer buried but had somehow been borne to the surface of the seabed and lies propped up against the bedrock foundation of my tower.

I have resolved to bury it once more but I must first raise it back to the surface and ensure that it has not leaked noe been otherwise tampered with.

I write these next lines some hours after this entry was begun, I was at first shocked to the core, bewildered at the apparent supernatural forces at play but common sense prevails, there is still mystery in this but it is of human creation. Someone has unearthed this, someone deliberately tampering with my attempts to dispose of this abomination. I have my own thoughts as to who might have the means and the motivation here but I shall keep these to myself for now for there are many scenarios to explain this, the illness manifest in numerous ways. Only today Miss Lily Nightfire, a normally sane person, was heard to say that she has a part of this beast and is content to eat it, such madness beggars belief.

With my mind now resolved upon this issue I will retire and repay this sleep debt. When I awake I will put this right once and for all.

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