Friday, 27 June 2008


It is clear to me now that someone is either playing games with my sanity or extremely careless.

I spent last night back on dry land in my Palisade residence. It is comforting to relax in a bed that does not seem damp and musty, I must resolve the air quality issue in Aegir's hall soon. Late this evening I returned back to the sea, in part to consider my next attempt to dispose of this thing, as I returned to my office in the top of my tower I spied the casket, not far below where it should still have rested but precariously balanced on the iron framework of the tower itself, mere inches from the glass that holds the sea at bay. How it got to be there one can only imagine, some form of piracy seems the most likely explanation of these goings on.

The difficulty now, was in safely removing it, I took the Hippocampus and after much careful and rather nervous manouvering I was able to stabilise her alongside the casket. Emerging carefully, I stood upon her tail and examined the casket, it had clearly fallen some way and was very well wedged, though not so well that I felt sure it could not tumble should a storm arise.

Luckily I had bought a pair of implements from Ms Frye's store just yesterday and having linked these in to my own suits power source I was better equipped than perviously but it was clear however that no one person could lift this from its trapped position. The Hippocampus could surely pull it free but I could not fully account for the forces involved and feared that the risk was too high.

After a long while I came to the conclusion that for the time being I should simply secure it and take time to plan the correct approach and ths the casket now sits some 50m below the surface of the Vernian Sea, some 40m above the sea bed, chained to the tower below which it should be buried.

I wonder if I might seek the help of Ms Frye in my endeavours. She is most resourceful and has more than enough lifting gear, perhaps the only person in Babbage that could conduct such a .....wait, Beq you foolish girl, no! surely not. It would make sense though.

I met Ms Frye on the way to the ocean, she knew my intention. She alone knew my intention in fact. She alone knew my intention and had the ability to undermine my actions. Oh dear, what madness has beset the people of Babbage, what is the attraction of this foul thing that seems to render the most rational amongst us insane. One considers ones own actions in this light too, in my haste to perform a service to the community have I inadvertantly elevated the risk? The casket is strong and sealed tight of that I was sure but what if it were to leak?

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