Tuesday, 24 June 2008

The finger (or thumb) of Babbage

Over recent weeks New Bababge has been plagued quite literally by the diseases brought carelessly into the city by Mr. Stanley Effingham of Stanley's Emporium, New Babbage. Mr. Effingham himself had sent the relic of a monster's hand to his young assistant Django Yifu without thought for appropriate caution.

the hand was duly burned but in recent days the remains have been given away by young master Yifu. This insanity perhaps brought on by the infection that the poor boy himself has suffered will serve only to distribute the suffering. Thus I took it upon myslef to claim what ever remains I could and bury them deep under sea.

I donned my, as yet partially completed, "Carma" hard suit and headed up towards the emporium in which the relic is being stored. To my disappointment just the one peice remained, but I took the thing and despite its weight bore it towards the docks.

Dressed in a brass suit and carrying a mouldering monstrosity, one is apt to draw attention and I had to warn Ms Kaylee Frye to keep back lest she become infected.

On the docks I enclosed it in a coffin of iron and then took it into the depths.

As I buried it, I could not help but feel that something was watching me. I put this down to the murky water, the confined nature of the suit, and perhaps a little to my own paramoia. IT took some time to dig away enough of the sea floor and bury the box. The bedrock unfortunately prevent ed me from covering it completely but with but a tiny corner showing I feel it will be safe for now.

I returned back to Aegir's Hall, a nagging feeling of paranoia, something telling me that all was not well. But who am I kidding, the thing is sealed and buried, what further harm can come of it?

((Further images and a video account when I get it edited can be found at Beq's flickr stream for the finger - http://www.flickr.com/photos/beq/sets/72157605781103505/))

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django said...


Miss JAnus I admire your community spirit. I shore do 'ope that the sea water don't react with the thumb and start mutatin' the fishes!

Master Django Yifu