Saturday, 25 August 2007

A party, a surprise and a long night.

Loki's party was a great success I hope he made a fair schilling out of it, the drink was certainly running well. Though I fear I had little part in that. I arrived just shortly before 3pm to find the place already quite busy, packed in fact and quite difficult to mingle at times. Mr Dagger had clearly been there for some time and while I appreciate his company I felt he may be best left to his own bottle. Prof Nishi attracted my attention and calle me over, the mayor had just arrived and understandably the lady professor did not care to be too close to him so we retired to the gallery. Shortly after, raised voices were clear. Mr Dagger was being accosted by Mr Sprockett, whoapparently had been defamed by Mr Dagger. A matter of principal and I feared a duel would ensue but it seemed to calm down. Apparently Mr Dagger had made comments as to the competence of the constabulary. I feared that perhaps my own disdain for the peelers of babbage had rubbed off. Still it semed to settle by the ime Prof Nishi and I concluded our chat.

I noticed Miss Indigo Li sat alone in the corner, her normal companion, Mr Zero Qi, noticeably absent, is this how we treat newcomers and strangers now? I made a point of approaching her. She has recently moved in to the rowhouse which backs on to my plot, I bought her an absinthe and settled down to get to know my knew neighbour when I overheard Mayor Sprocket enquiring about the shop that Jason Moriarty had leased in Mr Mayo's arcade, the one I had taken Myrtil to the day before. He asked if I would escort him there.

to be continued...

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