Friday, 24 August 2007

Of ghosts and werewolves.

I have not yet recorded any of the talk of werewolves and other such creatures. In part this is because I cannot verify any of this for myself. However here is what I have been told and been able to cross verify with at least one other account.

A werewolf has been prowling the streets of New Babbage since early August, perhaps before. One of the earliest sightings seems to have been an attack on a young lady in the row houses but a number of the children have also seen the beast. Myrtil, who seems perhap the most forthcoming of the children, states that she encountered the beast back on Nemo Beach and she was able to name the beast as none other than Jason Moriarty, Mr Eliot's former assistant, had he fallen foul of his own experiments? Is he the murderer? I fear not, why would a werewolf armed with mighty fangs, go to the effort of stabbing his victims. Indeed why would he put his own name on the list pinned to poor Mr Cannings' back? I fear I get more questions than answers.

The latest unworldy encounter though occurred just last night, again not to me. My good friend Anabella Voom who lives across the railway from me has also been out of town for sometime. I took it upon myself to bring her up to speed, she has a keen mind and may spot things I have missed. I took her to the murder scene and while she was looking at the evidence littered around I stared in disbelief at the glass in the book cabinet. Was that dust? Just the poor light? Or was there a ghostly face screaming out at me? I took a photo but as with many the darkness made it hard to tell, I spent some time in my dark room today enhancing the image. I was not mistaken.

No sooner had I developed this photo I received a note from Anabella, she was clearly quite shaken. She had returned to Mr. eliot's room later that evening and while she was staring at the face in the glass she became aware of someone watching her. She turned to be confronted by a ghostly rider on horseback who screamed at her repeatedly. The poor dear understandably fled as fast as she could and did not look back. I hope to catch up with her later and see if we can find any more evidence of this encounter, has anyone else seen this spectre? Was it just someone fooling with a poor young ladie's nerves?

I most go now and get ready for Loki's party. I have submitted two entries to his gallery, I may consider selling them for the children.

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