Friday, 24 August 2007

A long time gone....

Things move fast in Babbage. I have been travelling for almost 3 weeks returning just last week to find mayhem in New Babbage.

Where do I start......Murder, murders in fact. When I arrived back in town the atmosphere seemed different, I grabbed a copy of the Cog and seeing the headlines, hurried home to find out more. It seems a Mr Alexander Eliott, apparently the grandfather of Loki Eliot, a local orphan boy, had been murdered. The exact time of death seems unknown the body had been slumped over the table at the murder scene for some time before it was found. A series of letters were strewn about the scene. Talk of secret groups, conspiracy, catastrophe I won't record it all here, other have done so before, you can check the Cog for more information.

For completeness I should say that Mr Eliot apparently had a device, the Porta Terrarum, which by its name suggests a form of doorway, we can draw more conclusions as I expand this tale. The letters state that the device has been broken in 3 and the 3 pieces distributed to avoid them falling into the wrong hands. 1 is with Mr Eliott's grandson, another given to one of the other street children, who goes by the name Wunder and the 3rd "hidden". Wunder was under instruction to deliver the item in his posession to Mr Eliott's assistant in Caledon. All we knew was that he had a feather in his hat. Shortly before I returned to New Babbage the shock discovery of a second body, not far from the scene of the first crime. this time it was a Mr Giles Cannings, and ... from the photos I have seen, he had a feather in his hat. We can only presume that Mr Cannings was the Caledon connection. This poses another question did Ally Wunder, the messenger, deliver the part of the machine to Mr Cannings before the murder? If so then we can only assume the worst, that one piece of the device is now in the hands of the murderer.

I will leave this post for now. A new entry for my own sleuthing seems in order.

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