Monday, 27 August 2007

But what of the house?

This blog was an account of my build until recently. Clearly the ongoing murder investiations have taken a toll and reduced the amount of work I am doing on the house. I had hoped to have the house basically complete by early Sep as this will be the 60th anniversary of Horta's death and a fitting time to open the house and have a party. I will still try to make that.

Since the last building related blog I have travelled to Belgium to collect more resources to assist with my build. The render on the outside is now a more appropriate colour, the white which theRL house was painted in from 1960-recently has been replaced with a more earthy colour in keeping with Horta's original. Inside I am reporducing the silk wall coverings that adorn many walls and the Macintosh wallpaper used in the bedroom. My biggest challenge reamins the efficient use of the building resources (prims) available. I have under 100 left and still have many rooms to do. One aim is to get a structurally complete house and then decide which things I can lose without detracting from the house overall. I want to keep the complexity of the house apparent and to show how advanced the build was for its time.

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