Saturday, 1 November 2008

Samhain has passed

Yesterday was Samhain the new year in the old world. The cog has turned through one more full rotation and we start anew.

In a reflection of the good traditions of my homeland we said goodbye to the dead. I was not present as the events unfolded but it is safe to say that Lucas has moved on and has passed through to the land of the dead.

Blessings be upon the dead that know.
Blessings be upon the dead that guard.
Blessings be upon the dead that are.

His journey was made possible by the keen eye and sharp mind of Rip Wirefly. Mr Wirefly met the young urchin Victor when he was in the coty to deliver the folder of documents to Sanus. Rip noticed that he had a blue teddy in his backpack, not unlike the description of spud that we had. At first Victor ran away, fearful of Mr. Wirefly's intentions but with careful thought Mr Wirefly tempted him to exchange spud for a brand new cuddly toy that Mr. Wirefly had purchased.

I cannot relate the events that followed directly, but, as seems ever to be the case, they wqere tinged with danger. Angry Jenkins returned, presumably to wreak havoc in the celebrations that he tried to spoil the previous year. Curiously he appeared to be seeking Lucas and questioned him intently, revealing much more of Lucas' details than any of us had previously been able to do. Indeed, Mr Wirefly and Miss McMillan recounted some fairly awful things that the poor boy had been subjected to during the ordeal that finally took his life. It was also clear that Moriarty was the murderer.

But, I digress, Lucas' release was secured by Mr. Wirefly, who presented the bear to him. The bear had a letter stashed inside its jackewt and Lucas asked for the letter to be read.

My dear son, please understand that i could not take care of you and had to leave you in the care of the orphanage.
I hope you have a long and full life.

Keep Spud close, and he will Guide you through the bad times.

I love you always.

Your mother.

A sad sad note, but more than most of the poor children have, something to hold onto in the dark nights and even it seems into the unknown beyond death.

So we start the new year with good omens upon Babbage, brought by the deeds of Mr Wirefly. Yet still there hangs over us the scourge of Moriarty, yet I now have something new to add to my plans. I will need the help of some of the townsfolk though.

Blessing Be!

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Loki Eliot said...

I'm glad with have happy endings in Babbage :-)