Friday, 14 November 2008


It is now a full week since the last entry, though in truth if one were to look closely at the binding of this journal they would find that there are 3 pages missing, entries started and destroyed in various rages of shame a self pity.

So much more has passed us by since that bonfire night, I closed my last account with a mention of Monte's transformation, a reference to the doctor and the need to rest my mind as well as my injured hand.

Monte, now a slavering beast of hellish temper had run from the city and into the lands beyond, there we found him by a large tree. I approached, concerned for his own well being and that of the party of mostly children that accompanied me. I pleaded with him to stay calm, promised that we would not harm him if he were to remain where he was. It was not to be. Monte was driven by a hunger for raw flesh, living flesh and we looked in horror as he moved in on poor young Myrtil. I threw myself between them and seeing that Myrtil carried her favourite with her, a tiny squirrel whose name I do not recall, I suggested that she ran to the tree and let the tiny thing scamper to safety. I had by this time extracted the galvanic swordstick from my cane and as Monte continued to advance I let him feel the sting of its power. He recoiled to a few metres distant.

I sent Myrtil and her young friend to seek out some raw meat, knowing that she would undoubtedly have some back at the bakery. Though the intention was to feed Monte and have his hunger sated, it was at least in part to remove the poor children from harms way as with the squirrel now hidden the weakest of the group were undoubtedly the young ones. At this stage Mr Wirefly and Miss Orchid had arrived on scene and wisely stayed back as I once again asked Monte to subdue his nager, telling him that food was on its way. It was never clear through any of this whether the beast understood any word. We circled one another, I trying to keep myself between Monte and the others expecting that the sting of my sword stick would prevent any further attacks. Preently young Myrtil sprinted back onto the field and flinging the raw meat as hard as she could , threw the food to Monte. The boy/dog/beast inhaled the meat with barely a chew and seemed to calm down a little and yet cruel fate had another twist to throw us that night. Young Patch Reina, Monte's friend arrived on the scene and when the beast caught sight of him he flew into a rage. Patch ran off back into the city but the wolf followed and was gaining on him. We intercepted him on the other side of the wall, the hunter encircling its prey drooling. In what now I believe to have been a truly foolish act on my part. I stung Monte once more with my sword. Initially it had the desired effect, the beast recoiling from his attack on the boy Patch and turning on me instead. A vicious swipe of his claws aimed directly at my head miss ed narrowly as I ducked/stumbled out of the way, but a second blow much lower than the first struck home wrenching my arm and wrist such that I felt it must be broken or worse, my sword sent rattling across the cobbles.

Monte bent donw, snniffing the sword and pickking it up inhis jaws bent it clean in two. At this Rip Wirefly stepped forward pushing me aside and out of harms way. He had a gun which he waved at the best. But then in the final twist of the evening young Patch ran between the beast and the gun. "Don't shoot", stand back!", he cried, before proucing a smoke bomb which scattered us all, leaving us dumbfounded and lost as he and Monte ran away.

When the smoke had cleared there was talk of raising a posse of hunting down the foul beast; and yet I found that I could not condone such action, that this was not how this lycanthrope should find its end. I think it was then that I first started to understand this strange pair, to recognise the signs and yet it was not until the next day that it finally came to me.

I walked gingerly home, accompanied by Rip and Orchid, I bade them farewell and assured them that I would seek medical attention for my broken arm, if that is what it was, the next day.


Darien Mason said...

You must treat any wounds you received with silver nitrate immediately!

Beq said...

Thank you Doctor,
As I will recount, my own wounds were, through luck alone, kept to nothing more than sever sprain and bruising. However, there was something much more serious to come. I will have to enquire further as to whether the correct treatment was administered.

Dr. Augustus Dayafter said...

Yes! Treat wounds with silver nitrate and turn your skin blue... As long as there were no bites... and I will repeats, BITES, Doctor Mason, she should be fine. There is only risk of normal infection from claw wounds as we Lycans to not have any sort of saliva glands in our claws... The mouth is a different thing altogether.