Friday, 7 November 2008

Fireworks and fear

Perhaps it is a good thing that this diary is not truly meant for reading, I write this with my left, less favoured, hand as my right is incapacitated at present. Last night was bonfire night, a traditional night of celebration, as we burn the effigy of one who sought to overthrow Babbage almost before it had been established.

The night started with many a surprise. I had been conversing with Doctor Watson and Mr. Holmes, inquiring as to whether they had seen any suspicious activity by the bakery, because the beacon left by the strange cuckoo twins had been moved or perhaps removed. As I sat, the boy Monte rapped against the window which was quite disconcerting given that the flat is located above a shop. I looked out to the street to see Monte perched atop the shop sign which growned under his weight but luckily held its place.

I made my appologies to the gentlemen and rushed into the street, beckoning the boy down, when a young lady called to me by name. At first I was at a loss. Then as Monte taunted her I saw the fire in her eyes and she snapped back, "I am Elenore". Elenore, who I had last seen some 9 months ago as a feisty eight year old, had seemingly aged another 8 years and stood before me as a pretty young woman. I greeted her, and sked about her mother's welbeing. She refused to talk of Nareth in anything but a professional sense, "the professor is travelling" for example. Though she may not realise it, that marks her out as her mother's daughter more than anything else. WE adjourned to the café and had a small bite to eat and were about to leave for the display when Nareth herself walked in to the shop. I must admit, I was ever so happy to see her again, to see them both.

We walked up to the firework display and I lost myself in the beauty of the spectacle. Across the canal fro me, Monte stood by Myrtil's side, and it pleased me that they were getting along again. At one point though, Monte seemed to double over, and stumble, but he righted himself and I remained where I was. The fire burned, the guy was destroyed, the fireworks lit up the sky, and Nareth and Elenore vanished. As soon as the display was over I headed to the lab half expecting to find them there but there was no sign. I do so hope that they will be back again soon.

I returned to the display and people were starting to drift away. Myrtil asked me if I had seen Monte and commented that he had taken ill and left early. we decided to go and check if he was alright. As we walked back towards the opium den together a dark shape bounded down the allleyway, forcing its way past us and running out into the streets. It was a large black dog, it had to be Monte but it wasn't the friendly dog that we had seen before, it was largely and more powerfully built.

Worried for his safety we ran out into the streets and pursued him along the rail lines, up into the alisades and out beyond the city walls. There we found the beast., but it was inded not the Monte we had seen before, but an altogether more vicious and nasty animal, a werewolf.

As I write, I find that I am shaking, I will not write any more, the doctor has told me to sleep and I must do so. I will write more tomorrow.

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