Thursday, 3 July 2008

Submarine day

In honour of Submarine day, I finally got around to creating my new mini-sub the Hippocampus Janusii (minor).

I have created the hull and cabin shell but have yet to add the propulsion unit or a proper cabin interior; however, I think she will be a thing of beauty, sized to bear one person standing up, she will be much more convenient than her larger relation.

The day is however tainted, the plague has not been lifted, I was naive to think it so. The remaining fingers and earlier exposure have left two victims of the progressive disease. One was sedated and treated last night, his fate is unknown at the time of writing, but the prognosis is fair. The other, a strange tentacled being, I have no knowledge of. To make things worse, since my return I have learned that the cuckoos, the two "boys" whose sinister presence worries me greatly, have returned to the city and spoke to Mr Dagger. I have yet to speak fully with him of this but I ear they have returned because conditions, perhaps events, are aligning in their favour.

The new mini sub prototype.

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