Friday, 11 July 2008

Pinned to the wall or layed across the desk... may use your new SL RFL Steampunks of Babbage calendar in any way that you like.

I attended the early launch party for the calendar this evening, a good turn out and a nice gathering all in all. Later on that evening I returned to meet Eggberta and collect my calendar vendors which have now been installed on my three properties. So if you find yourself wandering through babbage and see one of our vendors please buy a calendar, they come in a delightful repsentation box, and have two editions one has a female cover and the other a male cover with the August month featuring the cover model. A minimum donation of 100 Lindens is sought for each calendar, cheap at twice the price and your chance to have the cream of Babbage displayed upon your wall, (July excepted of course).

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