Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Every little helps

Last night I took my boldest steps so far to aid the resistance. I have still to meet their leaders and will do so in my overt role of news correspondent. They will undoubtedly have a mistrust of me. I have been out of town for their suffering, and since my return I have been seen to collude perhaps with the forces of the overlord. I hope that my reports will be read in the manner to which I wish them, no collusion.

I took a great risk though tonight. I used a contact in the printers down in the Canals. I've used him in the past for small run print tasks for business purposes and I met him in a bar, bad mouthing the regime. Together we colluded to print a small run of fake notices, the official stamp of the overlord but defaced with a battered hat adorning an oppressive sounding notice. I bet the goons will never realise that this is not from the governor, yet if they were to read, if indeed they can read, the odd numbered lines they would find the message we have hidden.

A public  announcement:-

To the hard working and loyal citizens of
Obolenskidonia, who refute the past name
New Babbage. Please take heed your
overlord, Doctor Obolenski has denied that
Clockwinder Tenk is alive and returning
All rumour mongering is to cease completely
by the end of this week
or the overlord will demonstrate his enormous
power to the citizens.

And yes it is true. I have seen and heard enough to convince me now that the Clockwinder is alive and more than that will be returning to the City soon. I far however that what is obvious to an observer such as I is not going unnoticed to the powers that rule here. The ships amassing in the Vernian Sea attest to this concern. There will be more blood and iron lost before this chapter closes. I am confident that Babbage will prevail of course, what could possibly go wrong?

I donned my cloak and wore my most dreary working clothes, heading out into the night to post the notices. I have placed them all about the town, no doubt the wiser goons will tear them down, but I need only do enough to get the message of hope to my friends. Towards this goal I am now about to head into more dangerous territory. I am going to deliberately seed these posters and the truth of their content. I am off to the bars and taverns, no one can know it is I. With luck I will write more when I return.

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