Monday, 22 June 2009

Return to Babbage

It has been many weeks since I have walked the streets of my home. Many projects have kept me away overseas and so it was with a glad heart that I recently received a telegram from Ms Widdershins at the Primgraph. I became acquainted with Miss Widdershins through my good friends Miss Ceejay Writer and Miss Viv Trafalgar, and was thrilled to have my work featured in her periodical, the Primgraph. I offered my services for menial tasks, something to fill those twilight hours when away from my friends. The telegram, however, surpassed that expectation. Miss Widdershins asked me to report on the events in Babbage. "Events?", whatever was she speaking of. Did the balls and competitions of my fair city warrant the engagement of a press corresponent? It was the same morning, that I first received word from home, word that gave more meaning, and gravity to the situation. Things in Babbage were not as they should be.

And so, today I have returned. The sea is busy but my trusty sub was not troubled by such craft and I returned in the early afternoon to Aegir's hall. I shall recount in more detail later. For I must now head to Loki's bar, where I am to meet wit the proclaimed general of the air corps Ashiko Kuroe.

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