Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Caught in her spell

I write this entry with a heavy heart, I know I will not get to the end without decaying into tearful distress. I write now, and I write hurriedly for she sleeps and as she sleeps she cannot know my mind. Yet as I sit here I know hers, I see the lurid complexity of her dreams, the abandonment of care and consideration for lust and pleasure, the thrill of sensation triumphant over the sense of shame. It is a hedonistic world that I have never seen, save the poor man's decadence of sex slavery, seen through the eyes of the child I once was. I have not lived a day of such debauchery as this and yet my mind is filled with memories, with passions and desires.

So within these pages I must record my descent, my fall into her realm, so that one day these words will stand testimony to my innocence or my guilt, in the seduction of my dearest friend. The start of my deterioration, the destruction of all that I am, all that I was at least. I must record this quickly for I do not know now how long my inner strength will evade this disease.

It was perhaps but a week ago, the night after a hearty meal with Rip and Orchid, hearty but dour and downcast, my melancholy mood clouding the conversation. I had shared with my friends the choice that I had made, a bargain against my own life for the hope of... fro a hope now dashed and broken on the rocks of naivety; a bargain with deceit, sweet deceit as she would say. Yet, then still my naivety, my optimism and faith in humanity prevailed, I needed them to know, I would need their help and if the events came to pass and I were not to return, I would need someone to take care of my affairs, my properties, my business, and my charge PollyAnna. Poor Polly, who but a few days before had asked that I be her mother. How could I in good conscience seek to adopt a young child as I knowingly prepared for my own death in events that any court would dismiss as lunacy, and quite rightly too.

I spoke to them of Nareth, and to what she had become, expanding on what I had told them the previous evening, seeking to be less cryptic. I chose not to reveal the details of Nareth's fall into vampirism. If that exposed them to further threat than it was best left unsaid at this juncture. I spoke of gods, of the elder gods, for these they knew of, surely everyone living in Babbage knows at least some of the tales of the Eliot device by now. I spoke of her Lady, the Outer, but chose not to name her. Finally I came to the choice I had made, the decision and the talisman that would empower me to change the fate of the world. It was late when they left and I knew then that I would be in a position to make the charm the next day. Orchid had promised then that she would join me, I could not have expected her to make such an offer, it is a personal thing, a delicate subject, the bleeding, to suggest that you might be there with a friend was bold and to do so unbidden knowing that I was playing with forces none of us understood, was a beautiful and kind thing; such trust and friendship, so bitterly repaid. Finally, I conveyed to them the threat, and the additional bargain, the final twist of deceit that began my corruption. I explained how the evening before, as I had walked back from the lake having skated with Rip and Orchid, the professor had stopped, watching from the steps into the palisade as Rip and Orchid held one another, how she had goaded me and what I had bargained for their safety.

I had not slept properly for at least three nights, my dreams haunted by the imagined demons of Nareth's domain. My mental state had not been helped by an additional, if not unexpected physical strain, for I had that morning, to use the polite term of the ladies of the old continent, been blessed; my monthly bleed had commenced, it was time to make good on the agreement with Nareth. Early that afternoon, I went into the garden and selected a good sized sprig of sage leaves which I duly duly laid upon a cotton gauze and placed within the gusset of my bloomers so as to absorb the menstrual blood required by the charm; initially itchy but not overly discomforting, it thus remained held against my motte for the remainder of the day.

It was not long after that I began to feel fear creeping over me, settling this with a small gin, I continued about my chores, busying myself for the sake of the diversion. As the day moved towards evening Orchid arrived, punctual as ever. I showed her in taking her coat, we stood, awkwardly, skirting around what awaited us for a while, exchanging banal pleasantries.

"I need a drink to steel my nerves, can I get you something?", Orchid smiled and nodded.
"Yes, perhaps that would be good for me too. A vodka please". I found a large shot glass and filled it. "Do you have any idea what will happen when you finish?", she asked.

I didn't know, in truth I had no way of knowing if it had even worked. What would I feel?

"Orchid, it means a lot to me, truly, that you would even want to be near me for such a thing as this", I shuddered at the thought, it is a strange thing but to take your own bodily fluids and use them as if they were simple ingredients in a meal.
Orchid laughed. "I know it's not glamorous, but, it's not like, well, I guess the whole charm thing I've never seen before.. but, you know, the rest is nothing new! And, I just want to make sure you are safe."
I smiled back, my worries ebbing away now, I was so lucky to have such a friend as her.
We drained our glasses and grabbing a bottle of wine and two glasses, I nodded toward the stairs.
"Shall we?", then holding the bottle aloft added, "we may as well keep our courage topped up."
"It'd be strange if we did not."

As we entered my bedroom I indicated the towel I had laid a towel upon the floor, and lifting the box from the bedside cabinet where it had been kept, I sat upon the towel, placing the incomplete charm between my feet.

Orchid stared at the box, "It is strange, I had expected there to be some chant or incantation or other", I said, noting her cautious examination. "but its just...", I opened the box, exhaling as I did, "just a bone, and some soil, soil from her casket"

"Then there's nothing? Just... the.. addition?", she paused, I nodded, a shiver ran through her. "Beq? When this is over, is there a way to reverse all of this?"

I shook my head, I did not know, when it was all over, all over, finished, it would probably no longer matter to me.

Orchid McMillan frowned, swallowing, she had refused to accept my own resignation to fate. Her optimism is perhaps her greatest strength.
I poured Orchid a large goblet of wine and then poured myself one

"Please take a seat, no point you just standing there", Orchid dropped herself into the leather reading chair placing her wine glass on the broad arm. We both sat for a while, I on the floor, Orchid close at hand, sipping heavily at our wine. I stood, unbuttoned my trousers and stepped out of them

I stood, unbuttoning my trousers, stepping out of them and letting them fall to the ground. I smiled shyly as I sat back on the floor, my back to Orchid to preserve my modesty.
Orchid nervously glanced away as I sat down, stuttering slightly, "I-if you need anything, just, just ask, okay?"
I reached out for my wine, swallowing a large mouthful, holding the glass in front of me for a moment watching the wine settle.

"Thanks, its silly, I am so .... scared. Yet all I'm doing is putting a few things in a box"
Behind me I heard Orchid gulp more of her wine down before shifting in her seat settling forward and placing her hands firmly on my shoulders.

"it's okay, I mean, I am too... it's not like this is something you do everyday, right?"

Orchid's fingers gently massaged my shoulders, helping me to relax, a tactile reminder of the friendship that supported me.I rested back a little leaning against Orchid's legs.

"thanks, that feels nice, reassuring. Right here we go".

I took in a deep breath, letting out slowly and then raising myself off of the ground, slid my bloomers down to my knees then reaching down between my legs pulled out the wad of gauze, now saturated with my menstrual blood.Orchid gently moved her hands along my shoulders. Gingerly I lifts the blood soaked sage leaves from the gauze and slides them into the box, replacing the bone on top. There was nothing immediate, I lent forward and pulled up my bloomers as Orchid lent forward peering over my shoulder to see into the box.

"Is it.. is that it?"

There was a sudden sensation, a rushing in, a sucking almost, I felt dizzy, as if I had stood too quickly, but it was not a brief passing sensation, the rush left behind an image, not such as you see with your eyes but perhaps as you perceive in your memory, a darkness deep and complete, and with it a smell, a damp pungent earthy atmosphere that clung in my mind as if I had smelled it myself. and behind the darkness something else, a presence a second voice like the inner vocaliser of your mind, but not mine, a silent at this time. I shook my head as if to clear space for my own thoughts, this was Nareth's mind, her perception, she was relaxed, asleep, I realised.

"Ugh.. it's OK, I..I can feel her", A sudden sensation, flowed into my mind, an energy, perhaps joy, satisfaction? I must have gasped out loud as Orchid tensed.

"Are you alright?"
"I think it has worked, she.. she's asleep I think", I lent back the flow of new sensation quite overwhelming, making me feel altogether light headed and confused.

Orchid started to move her fingers once more. In my mind there was a flicker, the darkness becoming almost imperceivably less dark, Nareth had opened her eyes, the lids flicking open blinking.

"Do you... do you feel as though you can, control her at all? Or... heaven forbid, that she has an effect on you?

I felt her smile, the way that her lips stuck together slightly, her lips stretching the teeth behind them. I knew also that she could sense me, and all of my senses were overlaid upon hers as hers were mine.

"She can feel me, sh.. she knows. She...she's awake"

"It is done?", the voice was in my head, clear and resonant.

"It is Nareth, it is done", I blurted out then, "Orchid, ", the in rush of sensation and sound leaving me breathless, "she is talking to me".

"So you can feel what..what she is thinking... feeling?"

"she...she's awake", I repeated pointlessly, reaching out for my wine glass, draining it and immediately refilling it. "It works Orchid, I am with her, she is in my mind and I in hers,"

"yessssssss", whispered Nareth, the hiss resounding in my ears.

"It does not hurt, its strange.", I lifted myself on to the seat next to Orchid, still short of breath. In my mind I could feel Nareth stirring in her coffin, digging her fingers into moldy soil and pushing aside bones. Orchid closed her eyes, breathing slowly.

"Promise me you'll stay strong Beq... don't let her overtake you"

"I'll be fine,", I sighed, with some form of relief, there was no pain, just this bewildering cacophony of sensation. I lay my head on Orchid's shoulder, Orchid smiled.

"Good, you best be."

I relayed what I could feel to Orchid, "She is in her coffin, I can feel what she feels, she is pleased". Orchid swallowed hard, nodding. then sipped down the rest of her wine, returning her empty glass to the arm of the chair.

"Well, that was much easier than I thought it would be..."

Nareth's voice returned as the inner whisper.

"Now...can you see, Beq Janus?"

"See? yes I can see Nareth, I have control."

"And more...", came the reply. "Yes. You have control."

"More? I don't understand, together we will be strong", Nareth reached up, running her fingers along the underside of the coffin's lid. I felt the cold rough underside, its slightly greasy feel, the film left on her fingers. Her voice returned, stronger.

"Oh...she is with you. The Orchid."

Orchid rested her hand lightly on the edge of my thigh. "Let's keep it that way."

I felt a slight stirring at touch on my thigh, I nodded, "yes she is here"

"Together, Beq Janus, we will be mighty."

Orchid pulled her hand back slowly, glancing at me, half-curious, half-frightened. I realised that she could only hear my half of the conversation, but could not recall what that conversation would have sounded like. Without thinking I reached out stopping Orchid's hand, pulling it back, resting my hand upon Orchid's.

Nareth's whispering hissed in my mind, "But...the Orchid.... So sweet and fragile, and I feel the desire in you. There...with you. Together..well...you will see.

Orchid half-smiled up at me before quickly glancing away, studying the room
I swallowed, and nodding, let a single word leave my lips, "yes", in my mind things were stirring, memories, feelings, some my own, others not, but intermingled, I felt dizzy.

Nareth grew suddenly quiet. "You could...", a sensation rose in my abdomen, up through my spine causing my body to shiver slightly, I smiled

Orchid, still looking away, avoiding eye contact, asked nervously. "W-what does she want?"

"want? desire?", my breath ragged, as my mind tussled with the bombardment of images and sensations.

"She is yours, Mistress, if you only wish it, and if you only act."

Orchid nodded slowly, turning back to face me. I raised my left hand to Orchid's cheek, gently running my fingers along her jaw bone pulling her face back towards me.

In my mind Nareth's voice pulsed, "Desire...hunger...pleasure...she is so pure...so sweet. Nareth pushed gently at her coffin lid and it cracked open a bit, then she let it fall shut again.

"Orchid, sweet Orchid, I need you now", the words unbidden, uttered by my own tongue, words seeded by Nareth, but not unfound within my own heart.

"Exquisite.", Nareth shuddered.... Orchid looked back at me, wide-eyed and frozen. Another pulse of pleasure grew from pelvis, I clenched my thighs as it passed through me, I convulsed with a small sigh of pleasure.

"So pure", another echo of Nareth, from my lips.

Orchid whispered, "Beq... Beq, what do you mean? I-is that you?"

"A purity that shames the snow, my Mistress.", my mind was a maelstrom of memories, like dreams at dawn, fleeting on the edge of recognition and crumbling back into the shadows out of reach.

"I can feel her, so near.", Orchid glanced nervously at the windows, then to each door, fearing I was literally stating the truth. She shifted away slightly, stopped by the edge of the chair.

"Were I there...but no...I have made a promise....But *you*....", the last word emphasised and echoing through my mind.

Nareth dug her fingers deeper into the mould inside her coffin.

"but not her, everything, all she has known, all she wants to know, but it is a dream, formless", I gasped, my breath running away from me as fast as I could gather it, my heart now pounding, my mouth, salivating.

"Fabulous and formless, yes. This is the eye of my Lady.", Nareth's laugh, joined the echoes.

Orchid McMillan raised an eyebrow, tilting her head to me, her expression questioning the stream of words from my mouthm clueless as to what I am saying. I shuddered with each breath, then raising my right hand slid it around the back of Orchid's head, running my fingers through her thick beautiful hair.

"It is such a small thing...", Nareth placed an image in Beq's mind. A single drop of blood on white skin, like a single holly berry lying on the snow. So small, exquisite........yes

Orchid closed her eyes for a moment, relaxing under my fingers, then jumped, realizing perhaps that it was not Rip's hand in her hair.

"B-Beq, what...what's going on?", I startled, roused briefly form the enchantment of sensation, pulling my hand away, staring, scared, disoriented, at Orchid.

In my mind, Nareth licked at her dry lips, and I felt a kiss.

In imitation I licked my lips, lifting my hand to Orchid's neck once more pulling her closer, I closed my eyes, shutting out the frightened visage of Orchid.

The cascade of sensation moved and shifted, the smell of blood, and sex, and corruption, and the stink of ancient tombs, but the odours were in no way repellent.

"Beq, is that you? ", Orchid pleaded
"It is me, yes, Orchid, there are things, things so dark ant yet, feel my heart beat."
I grabbed Orchid's right hand pulling it to my chest

"Do not fear. Do not fear your desires, Mistress."

Orchid did not fight back, her gaze widening.

"no fear", my words whispered, echoes.

"The Orchid can be yours. You have only to take it.". Orchid McMillan swallowed hard. "Yess.... your heart, it beats... I-I'm sorry, what what are you trying to tell me?"

"just ... desire"

Orchid opened her mouth to say something, but no sound comes out as she slowly pulls her hand away. I pulled Orchid closer moving my face to hers, my lips parted, moist. In my mind the rush of sensation was overlayed once more by a sensation of anticipation, the pull of the moon dwindling as it moved towards the western horizon, soon to sink into the sea. I stroked my fingers gently along Orchid's thigh.

In her coffin, Nareth laughed very, very softly.

Orchid leaned her head back, away, slightly, her breathing heavy. "Beq...this...this isn't right"

"No right, Mistress. No wrong. Only desire. Satiation. Delight."

"Not right. Not wrong. Just feelings, desire"

Again the overlay of sensation shifts, the sun rises, Nareth feels the light through bricks, mortar and the stone of her coffin

My hand travelled from Orchid's thigh, jumping to stroke her stomach. I pulled Orchid's head towards me once more, my lips moving to touch,


An overlay of relief, of power, Nareth feels no pain from the sun.

"I-I...yes, feelings are never wrong.. but, Beq, actions... actions can be wrong..."

"the sun, it warms her now, no fear any more", my lips caressed Orchid's cheek, "warmth"

Orchid shook her head, "What do you mean?"

"She is so very, very warm, Mistress. She is the vessel of life."

Orchid jerked her head away, "Beq... what, you, we, we can't do this". My hand rose to Orchid's heart, "so alive, your heart beats too Orchid don't you feel it?"

"I, yes, I feel it Beq... but, Beq..."

Nareth pushes open the lid of the casket, and the tiny amount of ambient light getting into the sealed room is far less painful to her eyes than usual.

Beq Janus breaths a whisper in Orchid's ear, "freedom..."


"yes, nothing binds her now",

In my mind I shared the feelings as Nareth step out of the casket and closed it, then moved across the room to the divan.

"There is joy in your heart, Beq. Teach it to the Orchid."

Orchid shook her head, confused. I nipped playfully at Orchid's ear lobe, "joy, so...so ha happpy"

A new sensation, my own heartbeat echoed in Nareth's mind, the beat so strong as to disorient her.

"A-are you going to be alright Beq, I'm... I'm worried about you...", Orchid pulled away, grabbing Beq by the shoulders, looking straight at her. "Beq, you can't do this!"

I blinked, "Orchid?"

"You are going to be wonderful...You are going to know such delights."

Orchid looked into my eyes, her gaze softened. "Beq... I, I love Rip...". I slipped my arms beneath Orchid's, cupping her shoulder blades, drawing her back.

Nareth stiffened, gazing at the floorboards.
"No more fear...no more holding back..."

Orchid sighed heavily, closing her eyes for a moment

"I should have killed him, Mistress. For you, I should have killed him, that you might now offer her consolation."

Beq Janus draws Orchid in, pulling her close into an embrace. But beneath the storm a stronger voice calls out
"no! Not him, not kill"

Orchid jumped, turning to glare at me, anger in her eyes.

"He need never know a thing. Nary a word. Our secret."

"She-she's talking about Rip, isn't she?", I nodded, fighting...struggling with my own thoughts, seeking the strength.

"the deal, Nareth, you cannot"

I felt unseen hands on my shoulders....strong hands...

"I will not, Mistress. I cannot break this bond."

"He is safe, I made it so. He need never know"

"But..I am free to think. I am..free."

Orchid's eyes fill with tears, her glare un-blinking
"Never know what, Beq?"

slumping back into the tidal rush of emotion I beckoned Orchid back, raising a finger to my lips, "not a word, shhhh"

"A secret joy, shared between friends...", The hands, the unseen hands moved, and as they did, my back arched slightly, letting out a sigh, pushing my breasts out against the invisible caress. "Not a word."

Orchid shook her head, sliding away, "Beq.. Beq, I'm scared...". The unseen hands continue to play across my body, I feel pressure on my left nipple, as though it is being pinched very lightly between an index finger and thumb. laughter, laugter bounces across my mind.
I shudder, and giggle a little, my left nipple suddenly erect, standing out through the thin cotton of my vest.

Orchid looks on, her head still shaking in confused fear. "Beq, I-this isn't you... don't let her control you"

"just playing....fun..."

"I am not controling you, Mistress. Now that the Talisman is whole, I cannot control you. Tell her. You can only control me."

Orchid bit her lip nervously as she glanced downward at my body, then quickly looked away, folding her arms protectively in front of herself

"No control, not now, not her."

"You *are* become my Mistress."

Orchid's look turns to concern, asking slowly, "Beq.. what are you talking about?"

"The talisman, she is mine."

"And such a prize you have claimed. I am...yours.... Now, claim this other. Pick the Orchid."

"She.. Nareth?"

Such a prize, such riches", Orchid tilts her head, utterly confused as she keeps as much distance as she can on the tiny chair. I hold Orchid's elbow then pulling Orchid's arms away from her body draped them over my own shoulders. Orchid's resistance falls she lets her arms go limp on my shoulders, eyeing me nervously. I leant in to return to embrace Orchid, sliding my arm up from her hip to the side of her breast and round behind her back, running my fingers along Orchid's spine, pulling her close once more.

I felt a gentle kiss at the nape of my neck, the unseen lover, urging my confusion onwards.

Orchid shivered slightly at the fingers on her spine, her arms motionless. "Beq... Beq!! This can't... why? We can't do this, I-I can't...",
Beq Janus closes her eyes in pleasure, tilting her head back slightly, pulling Orchid forward, urging her on, bringing my hand round, slowly licking the tip of my index finger and touching it to Orchid's lips. Orchid stares, her tongue sliding slowly over her lips before shaking her head and placing her hands back on Beq's shoulders, pushing her away.

"No, just... no...", I do not open my eyes, my hand reaches out blindly, my finger moves down, tracing across Orchid's chin and throat. Orchid keeps her hands on Beq's shoulders, arms outstretched to keep her at a distance, swallowing hard, her skin tingling slightly under Beq's touch.

"Killing her would have been a mercy. This one is so...torn."

I edged forward now, shrugging off the hands at my shoulders, guiding Orchid's hands down to cup my breasts, then allowing them to seek round behind me.

I see the laboratory, Nareth stares at brick walls and the door leading down into the lab.

Orchid leans forward, her forehead resting on my shoulder, her tears silently soaking the thin cotton of my top. She whimpers, "Beq, please... I.. I can't.."

I feel a hand upon my lap as I pull Orchid close, enjoying the sensation of her tears on my skin, "it's OK Orchid, there is nothng wrong, nothing to fear. "

"Nothing but joy."

"yes, nothing but joy"

"Nothing but the love between friends."

"Nothing but the love between friends."

Orchid jerks her head upward, her eyes reddened and wet. "Does this look like joy?". I dab at Orchid's tears with my finger tips, holding her head, smilin sadly, kissing the tears away.

"Men teach us shame...and they drive it into our hearts...and they lay it between us, Mistress. The Orchid is filled with shame. Tell her, No harm will ever befall her by your hand."

A new image overlays my mind, seeing through Nareth's eyes, without losing my own sight, I am aware as Nareth rises and goes to the door, then down into the sunlit lab.

Orchid grabbed my hands, forcefully pushing them back away from her face, her eyes filling with anger. I sat back, "She is walking"

"No anger...". Nareth walks out the front doors of the laboratory and stands in the sun.

"Orchid, please, I would never harm you, she can never harm you"

"You are overcome...with your love for her...and have meant no harm."

"T-this way?"

"Orchid, I love you, she has released me from my fears, I am overcome, I meant no harm, I mean no harm, please...". Orchid sighed.

"Beq, doing anything that may hurt Rip harms me too..."

Orchid nods, saddened. "Beq, you know I care about you, you're my best friend, but you know I love him."

"Please, Orchid, forgive me"

Nareth is standing at the wall, looking out across the Palisades. The sun hardly bothers her eyes. Nareth laughs.

"Love. Please, Orchid, forgive me.", The phantom hands withdraw I can no longer feel them upon my body.

Orchid takes Beq's hands in hers, looking straight into her eyes.

"It's alright Beq, and, I... I'm so sorry. I, just thinking now, how hard it must be for you..."

The crashing waves of sensation and emotion subside and I relax, my breathing slows a little. Orchid glances away nervously.

"I certainly can't bear to lose you as a friend Beq, but I can be nothing more than that for you..."

I feel a tear run down my cheek, for a moment unsure whether this tear is real.

"Orchid, I .. I'm so sorry."

"I-it's okay... I did say to you once, we can't choose who we love, did I not?", Orchid wipes away the tear on Beq's cheek.

I nod sadly and smile, "now we're both crying". Orchid McMillan laughs slightly, wiping at her own face with her sleeve.

"Beq.. are we.. going to be okay?"

"I would not have chosen otherwise, Orchid, I had buried my love deep, this charm, this power, it...no there is no excuse, no blame but myself, I dropped my guard."

Nareth stares up into the white winter sun. We are going to be wonderful, in fact.

Orchid smiles slightly, eyeing the box on the floor.

"You had no idea what it would do to you"

"I cannot stop myself, my feelings, if you wish not to see me, I would understand."

I could make her want you. I could make this happen, if you so wish, Mistress.

Orchid trails off. Orchid turns back, facing Beq.

"I know feelings cannot be erased, but, do you mean you cannot stop your advances? I...I don't wish to stop seeing you, but, with the charm changing you..."

"I will be strong, we will be strong Orchid"

Nareth wishes that she still breathed, that she might see her breath... the thought an itch in my mind.

Orchid McMillan smiles. "We will be so, so strong." the buzz, I smiled back, squeezing Orchid's hands. "You are not changed, Mistress. You only become more that which you have always been". From the ramparts, Nareth stares towards Beq's house...

"Will you be alright for the evening, I mean, with Nareth within you? I'm sure Rip is worried about how long I've been."

An overwhelming guilt replaced the sensations

"but, Orchid, you must understand the she is not to blame, those feelings were there already, buried, I lost control I showed my true feelings and you have shown me that that was wrong. I will be OK, you must go to him.

"Yes, tell the pretty flower pretty lies. Let her go. Let her run away to her man. You have no need of this wilted thing."

Orchid McMillan nods, squeezing Beq's hand for a moment before standing.

"I understand, but, I still will worry. Please, if you need us, you know where we'll be."

"If only you did not stay my hand, Mistress". Nareth's voice faded, "You will have questions, Beq Janus. When you need answers, when you are ready, summon me."

Orchid motioned to the door.

"I-I can see myself out. Take care, Beq, and sleep well tonight."

"I...I'm so sorry", I looked up, smiled, "it is OK, I will be fine. I am used to being alone, thank you , thank you for being there." My voice trailed off, standing slowly I walked to my bed and lay down. Orchid McMillan sighed.

"It's okay Beq. It..it wouldn't be okay if it happened again, but, you know me... this, is all forgiven."

Beq Janus looked down at the floor.

"I love you Orchid", a whisper....

Orchid smiled. "goodnight...", she stepped out of the room, closing the door quietly behind her.

I shook bodily shakes as a violent sobbing took hold of me, wracked with guilt, I cried myself to sleep.

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