Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Build update - early June

Originally uploaded by Beq Janus
This is the view of the Bel Etage (the first floor above the ground floor, effectively the main living area). The image is shot from within the Salon or music room and towards what will become the dining room and minor salon beyond that. this floor is the most detailed of the all the floors in the house and will be the most challenging to build. Luckily for that very reason it is also the most photographed.

I am using a building tool known as SkidzPrimz whch allows me to align prims more easily. the textures you can see here aer the default textures for Skidz primz they indicate which axes are where and other useful hints.

It was at this point I really started to come to terms with what I needed to build. The vaulted ceilings are probably impossible without using many prims, one possible solution is the newly introduced "skulpty".

This next shot shows the house without the guide floorplans, the open windows reveal the interior ongoing work. A lot of people have been very complementary about this but it doesn't feel correct. Right now, at the time of blogging, I am working on a complete retexturing of the front elevation.

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