Saturday, 25 August 2007

Ms Li's introduction to Babbage

Ms. Indigo Li moved in but a few days ago, I met her briefly in Loki's bar with her friend Mr Zero Qi and suggested she speak to Mr Sprockett about rental accomodation. It seems that she took that advice and moved in the next day, in the row house just behind my own plot.

I had popped round to check that she was OK after having had to leave her at the party where I had found her sitting alone. She was relaxing, after the night's events.

"You know I found a letter?", she ventured.
"What, the letter, the one from Mr. Moriarty?"
"Yes, it fell to the ground when I purchased the painting".

I asked to see the letter and the painting once more. I spoke nothing of my meeting with Prof. Nishi, these are just names to Ms. Li right now. What a way to make an entrance in Babbage though!

"What are you going to do with it? Have you let the autorities know?"
"I have not. I was told that I would be ignored, that as a woman my contribution would not be valued."
"Better you be ignored than tried for witholding evidence. I suggest we take this to the New Babbage police immediately.".

I did not disagree with the sentiment of Ms. Li's adviser back at the bar. It is likely she will be dismissed out of hand but the news will travel fast, the letter will be in the paper in no time, and the honed minds of the constabulary will want to know why Ms. Li had not come forward and will have a new "witch" on their books.

I offered to escort her to the police station by the railway station and we wandered south beneath the railway viaduct. When we got to the police station noone was around, no obvious way of leaving a note for the police either; so Ms. Li sent her deposition straight to Mr Sprocket.

In the corner of the Police station stands a small display with a domed top, inside is the device; the device that Mr Sprocket claims was retrieved from a forger. He almost seems to consider the case closed with that. If this is indeed the device how did the forger come to have it? None of this makes sense. With a device apparently so powerful why leave it on display? The bait for a trap? In many ways I could care less. I knew nothing of Mr Alexander Eliot two weeks ago, I know precious little more now. But the children... How can I in good conscience turn my back on them again? The beast that is Jason Moriarty taunts them and abuses them, the fear in the eyes of poor young McKay in the gallery yesterday was real, complete and utter fear. How can we allay that fear when the very device lives in Babbage, it needs to be destroyed removed from play. Prof. Nishi is my best hope in this. I know not what she is about, there is too much to that lady to summarise her in a short precis, and Miss Paine, what power does the professor wield over her? When I have met Ms. Paine in the streets she has been like another person to the Miss Paine that I met last night.

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